Back in England…….(part 3)


A year of consultations and tests ………….

Life was now beginning to take on a new dimension. It seemed that we were now facing regular consultations. No one could give us a definite diagnosis. Everyone wanted to refer us to someone else for a further opinion. Was there something that we weren’t being told, or was this condition just baffling the experts. Either way, the uncertainty become ever more frustrating.

With my computing background and inquisitive mind, combined with a thirst for knowledge, I also found myself exploring various illnesses and conditions via the Internet. Such a wonderful tool, but I can see how people can become hypochondriacs, self prognosis must be a GP’s worst nightmare. Here was I doing exactly that. The number of things I found and suggested was ever increasing.

I also found myself talking with various people, who would share similar experiences. Some worked within the medical profession or within the Care Sector. I had an open mind and would investigate anything and everything> i just wanted to know what was going on. Once we knew this, the correct treatment would surely return our lives back to normal.

Another course of investigation was now also being investigated. We were being referred to hospitals for all kinds of scans, including MRI.  We didn’t have one hospital that we attended, our appointments were spread all over Sussex. It didn’t matter about the mileage, as long as we got answers. But as always results were coming back as “Nothing abnormal”.

Whilst all this was happening our contact with the Occupational Therapist was continuing. We would attend consultations, expressing the goals that we wanted to achieve, and the steps that we were taking to get there. The therapist also suggested that it might be more beneficial for Corrinne if she came to our house and tried to work alongside Corrinne in her daily routines, with a view to a return normal activities.

Various things, such as making cakes and taking a trip to the shops were tried. Yes they could be done together, but was there any belief that Corrinne would be able to undertake such things by herself, not really! After sessions spreading over five months, this time was gradually being phased out. The Psychiatrist obviously didn’t feel that this was proving to be beneficial for Corrinne.

During this period of time, we were continuing with regular consultations with the Psychiatrist. Corrinne would try and rehearse the questions that would be asked, she is a lady with so much pride. We would spend all the morning before a consultation going over things, such as days, time, money, where we had been for holidays and the childrens names.

At each appointment we would always seem to go over the same tests. Even during the course of these twelve months the deterioration was noticeable to me. Each time we would hope for an improvement, but the struggles continued. It was getting to the point that mid way through the tests the Psychiatrist would say “OK let’s leave it there, for today”.

We were having consultations every other week with Psychiatrists. We would see one, then be referred to another. We would then go back to the original before being sent to another. 2016 seemed to drag whilst we were going through it all, but in reality it flew past so quickly with so very little progress.

By the end of the year the medications had been increased significantly. There were constant changes, always trying to get the correct balance. Some had side effects and had to be changed, others just didn’t seem to make any difference.

With the constant browsing across the internet another option that could possibly of offered a solution was “The change”. One of the conditions of this, was an effect on the memory. Could this possibly be a solution? After consultations with the GP, who was reluctant to consider this option. Understandably this could prove to be a further complication and it would be better to try and stabilise the condition without anything else. Eventually though Corrinne was put on HRT tablets as well.

The final appointment that came through in the post, at the end of the year, was an appointment at the end of January with a top Neurologist from Cambridge, who would be in the area and has arranged an appointment for us to have a consultation with him in Polegate at the end of January.

Something offering us hope over the Christmas and New Year period …………

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